Measure Your Size 測量尺寸

戒圍 Ring Size

如何測量戒圍 –
1. 剪一段紙片,圍繞在欲戴戒指的手指上。
2. 在紙片重疊相交處用筆做記號。
3. 紙片打開後,用尺測量二個點之間的長度,即為戒指內徑的長度,並可參考戒圍表。
( 請勿量的過緊,因為手指有時會因為體溫而腫脹或縮緊,最好是晚上時間測量。)

How to determine ring size –
1. Cut a piece of paper and wrap around your finger.
2. Mark the point where the end of the paper meets.
3. Use a ruler to measure the Inside Circumference. Refer to the size chart below.
(Measure 2 to 3 times, don’t wrap too tight, measurments at night prefered.)ring-size2

或者上 [國際戒圍轉換表] 查看。

We have Ring Size Measurer(JP), you could bring your own ring. If you plan to make the ring for others, please confirm his/her size or bring his/her ring to the studio.
Or check [ Online Ring Size Conversion ].


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