Art Clay Silver ST Series 防硫化純銀黏土系列

Art Clay Silver ST Series 防硫化純銀黏土(膏/針筒)系列

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The Art Clay Silver Slow Tarnish (or ST) series comes in three basic forms, Clay type, Paste type and Syringe type.

Silver products, whether they are made of pure silver or sterling silver (SV925 or 950) have a tendency to tarnish due to the chemical reaction between the metal and the air.

Although Art Clay products tarnish slower than sterling silver, a piece made of ST series tarnishes even slower than any other Art Clay series products.

A piece made of Slow Tarnish clay can maintain its shine even longer with regular jewelry cleaning.

The ST series remains 99% high quality silver after firing. It fires at one temperature setting of 800℃ / 1472˚F for 30 minutes.