Theme Based Design Course 主題設計體驗課程

Suitable for beginners to experience creating simple pure silver jewelry and understanding how the silver clay process works.
We have rings, pendants and earrings to let you choose, but those theme based design might not suitable for everyone, then will recommend you to take ● Free Style Design Course ●, please click the link for more information.

Welcome to check our Gallery to see other students creations.


目前我們有戒指、項墜以及耳環來讓你做簡單的選擇,但這些設計與主題也許並不適合每一個人,那建議選擇 ●自由設計課程●,請點選連結來了解課程內容。

歡迎到 Gallery 參考其他學生的作品。

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∇ 注意事項 Notice ∇

  • Registrations for classes need to be paid in full prior to commencement. Cancellations will not be refunded.
  • Please contact the Instructor for any queries or registration.
  • All classes at studio conducted in a small group of not more than 4 students.
  • The course fee is inclusive tool rental, materials and firing charge.
  • ART CLAY silver becomes 99.9% pure silver after firing.
    ART CLAY 純銀黏土在燒成後是純度999的千足銀。
  • No use of fire while making your creation, 100% SAFE!
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↓More details & Sign up course 詳細課程細節與報名課程 ↓

♥ 戒指 Ring

Single English Letter Pure Silver Ring 單字母簡約戒指

Two English Letters Pure Silver Ring 雙字母簡約戒指

Simple Flat Pure Silver Ring 素面寬版純銀戒

Donut Pure Silver Ring 可愛甜甜圈純銀女戒

♥ 項墜&手鍊墜篇 Pendant & Charm

Heart Pendant/Charm 愛心純銀項墜/手鍊墜

Coffee Bean Pendant/Charm 咖啡豆純銀項墜/手鍊墜

Donut Pendant/Charm 甜甜圈純銀項墜/手鍊墜

Finger Print Animal Pure Silver Pendant/Charm

Elegant English Letter Pure Silver Pendant/Charm

Finger Print Pure Silver Pendant/Charm 指紋純銀相墜/手鍊墜

Stamp Pure Silver Pendant/Charm 印章純銀項墜/手鍊墜

♥ 垂墜耳環&貼耳式耳環 Drop Earrings & Studs

Cat/Dog Paw Pure Silver Studs

Coffee Bean Earrings 咖啡豆耳環