Free Style Design Course 自由創作體驗課程

Use your creativeness to draw and design or even reference images, discuss with Instructor before attending the course, with the Instructor who will guide and assist you.

Due to the beginner never take professional training before, suggest not trying to find the complicated design, because you will not be able to do it by yourself and also can not finish in a few hours. The simple & flat design is easier, just provide your idea hand drawing or several reference pictures about your idea.

Instructor will provide the quotation after the final discussion.

Course fee S$100 up.

( Recommended to attend the ” Theme Based Design Course ” first )

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課程費用為 S$100起。


Student Creations 學生創作欣賞

[Student] BMW 純銀戒 / BMW Self-designed Pure Silver Ring

[Student] 玫瑰求婚戒 Rose Propose Ring

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