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As an owner of two cats, I always thought we still have time to be together, but time flys, I do realize my kids enter into the senior stage but never notice the countdown timer speed up. When my daughter – Chanel 13 years old (2017), she pass away in few days due to her lung issue, I feel very regret, I didn’t leave her nose print and paw print when she is still beside me, only hairs and whiskers left.

Therefore, my only son – Semi who is 14 years now since 2004, I kept his nose print and turn into a forever keepsake for myself.

I believe other owners who love your furry kids, you might have the same thought with me so I would like to bring this idea to everyone, hope they have something left with you after they arrive the Rainbow Heaven.

身為毛孩子媽媽的我,總以為孩子們還有時間陪伴著,卻在時光的流逝中,沒有驚覺孩子們邁入老年,時間在加快得倒數中,在貓女兒(Chanel 香香太后, 2017/13歲)因病發而短短幾天內離世,感到後悔不已,來不及留下她的鼻紋、來不及留下她的掌印,剩的只有部份的毛髮和鬍鬚,十分遺憾。

因此,只剩下一隻貓兒子(Semi 三米貓, 目前14歲),我便把他的鼻紋留下,做成永久的銀飾品。


Pet Nose Print Pure Silver Jewelry 寵物鼻紋銀飾

The fingerprint is a unique mark for everyone, for dog and cat, they also have their own unique mark which is their nose print. To keep their nose print as a memorial keepsake is a way to do!



If you are interested in Pet Nose Print Pure Silver Jewelry, please contact us!


Pet Hair/Whisker Jewelry 寵物毛髮鬍鬚飾品

1/ UV Gel Pendant ( UV 膠項墜 )

Color Suggestion – Clear, light blue, light green, light red, light purple, light yellow

size chart

2/ UV Gel with Pure Silver Pendant ( UV純銀墜)

To be Continued

3/ UV Gel with Pure Silver Ring ( UV 純銀戒 )

To be Continued

4/ Pure Silver Pet ID Tag ( 純銀寵物名牌 )