Certified Instructor Course 認證師資培訓課程

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The professional instructor training course will allow you to become a certified Art Clay Instructor that is recognised worldwide.
You will start to learn the basic foundation and gradually advance your knowledge and skills.
During the course, you will tap on your creativity and imagination to make pure silver handmade jewelry of your own style.
Once you have mastered the art, you can start your own brand of jewelry and teach students as well as train them to become instructors.

Course Features

The professional ART CLAY instructor course will provide a structured curriculum to guide you step by step, either in a one-to-one setting with the instructor or in a small group.
Tuition and material fees will be charged progressively at various stages of the course, depending on your learning speed which will allow you enjoy the learning process at your own pace.

Design Contents

4 designs
∇ Four kind of designs 四種設計風格
  • Standard Design 標 準
  • New Standard Design 新標準
  • Mens Design 男士風
  • Sweet Design 甜美風
∇ Each of design has four stages 每種風格作品都有四個階段
  • Basic (One) 4 pieces│初級(一) 4件
  • Basic (Two) 3 pieces│初級(二) 3件
  • Advanced (One) 3 pieces│進階(一) 3件
  • Advanced (Two) 3 pieces│進階(二) 3件

How to become Certified ART CLAY Instructor?

  •  The course curriculum consists of four stages and tuition and material fee for each stage need to be paid in full prior to commencement.
  • There will be 13 techniques to learn and the corresponding artwork needs to be completed.
  • There are 3 additional creations that will have to be sent to Japan for assessment. (Ring, pendant, brooch)
  • A mandatory purchase of an electric kiln, along with proof of purchase, is required prior to the submission of the assessment work.

The privileges of becoming a certified instructor

  1. You can purchase materials at instructor price
  1. You can participate in various competitions held worldwide.
  1. You can participate in various advanced seminar courses organized by the club to keep your skill up to date. ( There are 4 seminar courses annually)
  1. You can recruit students and train a new generation of instructors.
  1. You can participate in various exhibition activities organized by the ART CLAY TAIWAN.
可以參加ART CLAY台灣舉辦的各項展覽活動。 
  1. You can get an instructor technical manual which will guide you in the teaching methods and various teaching techniques.
  1. You can get assistance from the club’s existing resources.
  1. You can receive weekly notifications and the latest news every month.

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