Art Clay Cold 純金黏土

Art Clay Gold(22K)

produce art clay gold

Art Clay Gold Clay is a water-based gold clay that can be modeled in the same way as with the other Art Clay series products. It will transform to high quality 22-Karat gold after firing and contracts about 15% during the firing process.
Fire at 990℃ / 1814˚F for 60 minutes. Available in 3 gram packs of clay.

Art Clay Gold (Paste Type)

product art clay gold paste

Paste type Art Clay Gold Paste comes in a viscous liquid form, so that you can add texture or draw directly on the surface of Art Clay Silver (fired piece), ceramic, porcelain and/or glass.

77.5% of the indicated weight is 24-Karat gold, and will become 22-Karat gold after firing.

Art Clay Gold Paste comes in two bottles. One has 1.5gm of thick paste; the other contains a 5ml medium that is used to dilute the paste to a more workable consistency on glazed surfaces.Fires at 800℃ / 1472˚F. The holding time will vary depending on the combined material.